WRICOS (Writing Contest Of SUN)

The diverse languages and literature to be found along the Silk Road contribute and enhance the beauty of this region In order to recognize and celebrate this fact, SUN has decided to hold a writing contest for the students of SUN as an annual cultural event. We have named this contest WRICOS (The Writing Contest of SUN)

The main purpose of the “Silk Road Writing Contest” is to promote and share the values and beauty of cultural diversity, especially in languages across the land and maritime Silk Road areas. And other goals and purposes are to restore our pride in the Silk Road as a birthplace for civilizations and to enhance mutual understanding as a key medium for peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all human beings.

Participants are supposed to write in their own languages poems or short essays regarding any topics related to the Silk Road and to send their writings to the Secretariat of SUN. Also, Participants’ writings are to be reviewed and selected by the review committee composed of the professors recommended by the presidents of the universities organizing the writing contest. The writings selected are to be awarded at the SUN General Assembly Meeting and to be translated into diverse languages by faculty members and students of the universities organizing the writing contest. The original writings selected and their translated version will be edited and published both as a printed as well as a digital book.

This contest is held as an annual event. The theme for the first contest in the year 2017 is “What does the Silk Road mean to me?” The grand prize winner of the Poem was Calyn Tan Jen Ai - University of Malaya, Malaysia and other grand prize winners of the Essay were Leo Lin - Beijing University of Foreign Studies, China. And this year, the theme of the Poem of WRICOS 2018 is “Mother” and the theme of the Essay is “Any story or fairy tale about silk road in the author’s country”.




Detailed Schedule
Submission Due
 April 30. 2021
Announcement of Winners
June 01. 2021
Award Ceremony
About at the end of October 2021 during the General Assembly of Sun. 
  • Poem: Song of "Silkroadia"
    Description: Write the lyrics for the song of SUN, which contains the spirit of the Silk Roads (“Silkroadia”). in 4/4 beat

Silkroadia” is the spirit of SUN embracing the following ontology and epistemology:
Recognizing and acknowledging differences between individuals as a reason for celebration rather than segregation
Diversity is the beauty; a source of strength and vitality for human flourishing.
Pursuing peace and prosperity through mutual understanding, dialogue, and collective action
Restoring dignity and pride in human civilization.

  • Essay: What Can University and University Students Do for Peaceful Co-existence, Co-prosperity, and Sustainable Cultural Diversity Along the Silk Roads?
  • Students from the member universities of SUN
  • Nonmembers of universities of SUN are eligible for application, but no additional other than certificates will be given.
Basic rules & Regulations
Each participant is to submit one poem or one short essay in their mother tongue.
The writing must be original. Participants found guilty will be held liable for committing plagiarism.
Length of writings: No more than 200 words for poems and 2000 words for essays writing Computer Software: Participants are expected to create their writings using a computer with any convenient writing software ( Must be submitted as MS Word file)
Prize & Privilege
Common privileges: certificate of awards, Eligible to participate in the 7th General Assembly of SUN. The winners' works are made into a brochure and each winner gets a brochure through the international post. Also, it will be exhibited as an e-book on the homepage.
 Grand prize - 1 Awardee for poems and 1 more for essays respectively.
Certificate and invitation to the 7th General Assembly of SUN and the award ceremony to be held at the National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with full coverage of the cost for round-trip flights, accommodations (hotel and meals), and the official culture tour by the organizer.
Excellence award - 2 Awardees for poems and 2 for essays
The same as for Grand Prize mentioned above except that the recipients of this award are supposed to take care of the cost for flight by themselves.
Special Selection - 7 Awardees for poems and 7 for essays
The same as for Award of Excellence mentioned above except that the organizer will provide only the official culture tour and meals for the recipients of this award.
Selection - 10 Awardees
Common privilege + Invitation to the award ceremony.
* Subject to change depending on the situation of COVID-19 and other unexpected events.
How to apply
  • Fill out the application form below.
  • The name of your file should be < Type of your work_Your name_title of your work_nationality >.
    Ex) Poem_JiwonLee_SongofSilkroadia_Republic of Korea
  • The attachment file should be written in Microsoft Word as .doc or .docx file.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us through sunofficialwricos@gmail.com

* If you do not write the name of the file like above, you may get a disadvantage in the evaluation

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History of WRICOS




Poem Li Ke, from China
Beijing Foreign Studies University

Essay Abolfazl Amanian, from Iran
Allameh Tabataba’i University

The number of countries and cities 19 cities in 15 countries
The number of universities 19 universities
The number of participants 65
The number of pieces 65(essay:14, poem:51)
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Poem Yejin Jin, from Korea
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Essay Maria Georgousi, from Greece
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The number of countries and cities 16 cities in 23 countries
The number of universities 23 universities
The number of participants 87
The number of pieces 87(essay:27, poem:60)
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Poem Calyn Tan Jen Ai, from Malaysia
University of Malaya

Essay Leo Lin, from China
Beijing Foreign Studies University

The number of countries and cities 17 cities in 14 countries
The number of universities 19 universities
The number of participants 44
The number of pieces 44(essay:23, poem:21)
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