Purpose & Background of the SUN Foundation

We aim to realize our vision of serving the world by undertaking diverse projects that restore the historical value of the ancient Silk Road which has been a source of immense pride for centuries as the birth place of four major civilizations.

The most valuable lesson from the history of the Silk Road is that the key to peaceful coexistence and collective prosperity is to treat individual differences as a cause for celebration rather than segregation, best captured in Silkroadia-the spirit of ancient Silk Road.

In line with this thinking, we believe that the coming together of universities can help realize this vision through fostering an exchange of ideas culminating into decisive action between intellectuals transcending national, religious and cultural boundaries.

In addition, universities through education and training can create future leaders better equipped to promote peace and harmony in line with Silkroadia*.

Silkroadia (the Spirit of Ancient Silk Road)

  • Recognizing and acknowledging differences between individuals as reason for celebration rather than segregation
  • Nurturing communication and coexistence through harmonious diversity
  • Pursuing peace and prosperity through friendly interaction
  • Restoring dignity and pride to human civilization.