Organization and Staff of SUN

UPSUN United Presidents of the Silk-Road Universities Network

A body composed of presidents, rectors, chancellors, and vice-chancellors of universities located along the land and maritime Silk Road to serve for authorizing and institutionalizing the academic, cultural, athletic, and philanthropic initiatives of SUN.

IASS International Association for Silk Road Studies


An international academic network composed of professors and researchers recognizing the economic, political, scientific, historical, and cultural significance of the Silk Road and collaboration in order to establish Silk Road studies as an independent academic field of study. Every year, international conferences and local conferences are held in countries around the world. IASS was established in 2015 when SUN was founded. 

Expands the scope of research in the Silk Road region and recovers the spirit of the Silk Road - peace, co-existence, and co-prosperity of the human race - by identifying & announcing studies on history, culture, religion, ideology, politics, and regional economies on the Silk Road.


Current President of IASS
President-elect of IASS (2021)

Former Presidents of IASS


- The 1st President (2016)

- The 2nd President (2017)


- The 3rd President (2018)


- The 4th President (2019)


USSUN United Students of the Silk-Road Universities Network


USSUN is an association consisting of student representatives of member universities of SUN. It serves as a generator of new dreams and ambitions, keeping SUN young and lively. Recognizing and acknowledging the beauty of diversity as the reason to celebrate, students aim to pursue peace and prosperity through mutual understanding, spreading harmony to the future, and exchanging intellectual, religious, and cultural ideas.

They are engaged in various types of projects (either individual or group) for restoring the historical and cultural values of the Silk-Roads and their own countries. Students are also involved in volunteer work such as providing assistance and relief work in disaster-affected regions, using their individual knowledge, talents, and skills.

If your university is still not a member of USSUN, this is the time to join it. It’s not only just a student organization but a team of students who are working together to spread the beauty of cultural diversity and to achieve the future goals of peace and prosperity in the Silk Roads.

There are also many upcoming events under the SUN sectary general guidance such as WRICOS 2019(Writing contest), PHOCOS 2019 (Photo contest), and so on. If you have anything that you want to know about USSUN, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email (

For your reference here is the information about the presidents of USSUN. Yes, there’s no doubt you and your university also can be the next president of USSUN in the coming years.

A body of students representing the each member university of SUN to serve as a generator of new dreams and ambitions in order to keep SUN young and lively. The body also serves as volunteers for providing assistance and relief work in disaster-affected regions by making use of their individual knowledge talent and skills.



Pacurar Cristina Maria

Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania


Vice President

Batzorig Turtogtokh

National University of Mongolia. Mongolia


Vice President

Faisal Gulzad

Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

From Afghanistan



President of USSUN 2020


Mohamad Rasooli, Allameh Tabataba't University, Iran 


Vice President of Asia 2020

Omid Mehryar, Kabul University, Istanbul


Vice President of Europe 2020

Rarees Cristea, University of Bucharest, Romania


Former Presidents of USSUN
  • Nurzhamal Shabazova, Kazakh Institute of Management, KIMEP University, Kazakhstan(2016)



  • Ahro Choi, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea (2017)
  • Acilan Onur, Student of Ankara University, Turkey (2018)



  • Marzieh Maddahi. Student of Allameh Tabataba'i University, Iran (2019)

SPO Silkroadia Philharmonic Orchestra

This organization was established in order to profoundly capture the mission of SUN: restoring the beauty of cultural diversities along the Silk Road in perfect harmony.

SUN Secretariat

This organization was established as an executive body of SUN. The office of SUN secretariat was decided by the participants of the inaugural general assembly of SUN to be located at the chair university of SUN, which is now Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea. 

Staff of 2020
Staff of 2019

Governance of SUN

Chairman of the General Assembly and Board President

Dr. Inchul Kim President of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(HUFS), Korea

Honorary Chairperson

Mr. Cheol Woo Lee Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Korea


Dr. Sungdon Hwang Professor, HUFS


Dr. Taeyoung Kim Professor, HUFS


Professor Rohullah Bayat, Vice-Chancellor of Imam Khomeini International University, Iran

Dr. Sunju Kwak, Professor, HUFS