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Dear Students of Member Universities,

We are delighted to announce that the Speech Contest of SUN has opened for application. As you all are aware that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 SUN has canceled this year's Debate Contest of SUN (DECOS). Therefore the Speech Contest of SUN is the alternative to it. We highly encourage all of you to participate in this contest which is definitely a great opportunity to share your ideas in your native language!

Theme - 'Speaking Hopes' in the era of COVID-19

             Welcome any ideas about

            - Promising jobs

            - Innovative start-up businesses

            - Revolutionary changes in higher education in the post-COVID-19 era

             - Any other relevant topics of your choice

How to participate -

1. Please fill out the form on our website (activities - cultural activities - S-Decos) << >>

2.  Submit a manuscript of your speech written in both English and your native language. The video file (MP4 or AVI) of your speech was done in your native language should submit including English captions. Speech duration should be 5-10 minutes.

*If you check the Speech and Debate contest under the cultural activities session you may find this (see the image) where you can submit your recorder speech and the scripts. If you are having trouble with submitting your work please feel free to send them via our email.

Eligibility of participants - Students of member universities

Submission Deadline - January 31, 2021,

                               Extended to February,14,2021

1st place (1 student) - Golda medal + certificate of award
2nd place (1 student) - Silver medal +certificate of award
3rd place (1-2 students) - Bronze medal + certificate of award
Special Selection (7 students) - The certificate of the award will be presented

An official certificate of participation will be presented to the rest of the participants.
The videos and texts of all of the award-winning speeches will be put on the official
website of SUN for the whole year of 2021

For inquiries -


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