Weaving Europe: Online Conference & Sustainability Journal

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1. Weaving Europe invites SUN Members to an international online conference.

■ Title: Silk heritage and Digital Technologies

■ Date: 30th November to 4th December 2020

■ Online Conference Link:   

2. Waving Europe also invites SUN Members to participate in the Special Issue "Silk Heritage in the Knowledge Society" for the Sustainability Journal (impact factor 2.576)

■ Call for Paper: 30 October 2020

■ Journal: 5 December 2020

■ Special Issue invites papers and reviews dealing with:  

- Silk heritage, silk history, silk diplomatic relations, silk living heritage, silk design, silk heritage preservation strategies, data visualization, 3D fabrics, vocabularies, thesauri, metadata schemas, and ontologies, fashion and tradition within silk heritage, looms and the potential offered by the ICT in the textile heritage sector, and creative industries and innovation applied to silk heritage

■ Papers going beyond the state-of-the-art are encouraged. 

■ Case studies using modern analytical techniques and new methodological approaches that contribute to the domain of safeguard and textile heritage protection will be considered.

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