Announcement for the Results of WRICOS 2020

작성자 관리자 날짜 2020-11-16 17:15:20 조회수 229

Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN) would like to congratulate the winners of the WRICOS 2020. The WRICOS team thank you for your participation and interest in this year's Writing Contest of SUN. Also, we thank you for your patience, despite the delay in the final announcement of results, due to more entries than expected.

This year's WRICOS was held under the theme of "The Wisdom of the Silk Roads for the Survival of Civilizations" for poems and "The Silk Roads Reconnected" for essays. The winners of this year’s WRICOS were chosen from 92 entries, from 15 countries in 14 different languages. 

After two rounds of review of the submitted works, the reviewers have selected the Award-winning Writings of WRICOS 2020 as follows:







To all the winners, a certificate and a letter of congratulation will soon be sent via e-mail.




The theme for WRICOS 2021 is :

Poem: Song of Silkroadia 

          Write the lyrics for the song of SUN, which contains the spirit of the Silk Road (Silkroadia), solidarity, and consolation for the difficult times.

Essay: What Can University and University Students Do for Peaceful Co-existance, Co-prosperity, and Sustainable Cultural Diversity Along the Silk Roads?

(* More details are to follow in the official poster for WRICOS 2021. Stay in touch with WRICOS and SUN's activies by following us on Instagram, @silkroad_official)

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