USSUN-HUFS Recruitment

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Join the USSUN and make a difference in 2020!


  • Want to experience both academical and friendly uni club?
  • Want to advance international understanding of the Silk-Road?
  • Want to make best year of 2020?

* What we do

The students who are affiliated with USSUN have been participating in various educational, cultural programs ranging from annual meeting with other USSUN club members from other countries, international photography competition, international writing competition, special lecture from an ambassador, international food festival to Silk-Road themed tour in Korea.

* Who we want

Anyone from Silk-Road countries
Anyone interested in Silk-Road
Anyone majoring in Silk-Road related departments
*Graduate, exchange, language school students are also welcomed

* Special benefits to the USSUN member students

Certificates at the end of the year
Support for those who are willing to participate in SUN competition (PHOCOS, WRICOS, S-DECOS)
Discount for International Silk Road Tour hed by SUN
Opportunity to do an internship at SUN office

* Qualification
Staying in Korea for more than 1 semester

*Appy link :

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