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The 2nd Photo Contest of SUN (Silk-road Universities Network)

THEME: "The Roads" : A person, culture, history and scene on the Silk-road



Dead line: ~August 31st, 2017

Result announcement: September 30th, 2017

Awards Ceremony: November 11th during the closing ceremony of the general assembly of SUN (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)



- Students from members of the Silk-road Universities Network (SUN)

- One person can submit 5 photos, but cannot duplicate prize

Nonmembers of universities of SUN are eligible for application, but no additional other than certificate will be given.


How to apply

In this website,

Click Menu "Registration" > "PHOCOS" > Read "How to Register for PHOCOS 2017" > Write a post & Attach your photos.

Shortcut >


Prize& Privilege

*Common privilege: Certificate of awards, Eligible to participate in the 3rd General Assembly of SUN and the opening ceremony of the 2017 Ho Chi Minh-City Gyeongju Culture Expo.

In addition to being published as a book which is to be translated into at least five languages, the winning entries will be part of a digital exhibition displayed on the homepage of SUN.

Grand prize(1): Common privilege, accommodation, and round-trip tickets to Vietnam

Excellence award(2): Common privilege and accommodation (Round-trip tickets/Airfare to be borne by the participants)

Special selection(5): Common privilege (Flight tickets/Airfare and accommodation to be borne by the participants)

Accepted works(10): Common privilege (Flight tickets/Airfare and accommodation to be borne by the participants)



File name: Name - Tiltle - Nation - Location(a detailed place name)

ex) Kim - Silkroad - Korea - Seoul(HUFS)

- Files must be less than 10MB.

- Images must be larger than 3400*2400 pixels.

(When you take a picture with smart phone, more than 8.0 megapixel is only available.)

- Digital format : Jpeg(jpg)


Hosted by

Silk-road Universities Network(SUN) & United Students of the Silk-road Universities Network (USSUN)


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